Window Tinting, Ceramic Coating, Powder Coating, and Other ReStyling Services

Want window Tinting Near Centennial, Colorado?

How would you like your car or truck’s windows tinted in Denver metro? Window Tint is something everyone can use at one point in their lives.

Our full line of Rayno Window Film will not only darken your windows for a great look, but provide you with interior protection, personal protection from the sun, privacy and heat rejection.

Make the Right Choice. Look to Right Choice Auto Glass & Tint for all your auto window film needs.

professional Ceramic coating for your car or truck

Ceramic coating protects your vehicle’s finish from oxidation caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays. It is essentially a long-term, semi-permanent wax, so there’s no need to re-apply every few weeks or months.

It will even reduce the chances of getting water spots from mineral water or acid rain, and prevent bugs and bird droppings from etching into your paint job. Ceramic coatings are also hydrophobic, so your vehicle will repel water, and easily release road grime and bugs… bringing down your wash time!

Before a coating, a vehicle will go through a chemical/clay decontamination wash that will remove any waxes, sealants, bugs, over spray, tree sap, etc. It will also undergo a paint correction removing the paint’s imperfections and enhancing the gloss of the paint for a near-mirror finish! Read more about ceramic coating.

How would you like POWDER COATING on your vehicle?

Powder coating is a durable and attractive dry finishing process that we can perform for your vehicle. Powder coatings begin as a flour-like substance based on a polymer resin, and have an electrostatic charge applied as they are sprayed onto your vehicle before curing. The result is an environmentally friendly, cost effective, and durable finish that looks great and lasts a very long time.

perhaps a slick Auto Vinyl Wrap is more your style

In addition to being a great way to personalize your vehicle, Vinyl wrap also protects the paint underneath. A wide range of patterns and colors are available to customize your way to vehicular glory.

maintain your value with a Clear Bra Paint Protection Film

Clear Bra is a great choice for maintaining the value of any painted or metal surface. This virtually invisible, self healing, UV-Resistant, and anti yellowing paint protection film will protect and preserve your car or truck’s finish.  Ask us about our 5 year or 10 year paint protection film!


As headlight lenses age, they can become discolored or dull as a result of oxidation, UV light, and exposure to other factors such as road debris and acid rain. We can refinish your headlight lenses to restore them like new, giving them a shiny polish.


Restore and rejuvenate your vehicle’s paint work by eliminating surface imperfections such as swirl marks, fine scratches, bird dropping etching, bug etching, acid rain water spots, holograms, buffer trails, and random isolated deep scratches (RIDS).

Please keep in mind that this process takes several hours and certain types of imperfections cannot be fully removed, particularly any etching that has sat too long or scratches that are too deep.


There’s nothing quite like a completely clean car inside and out. We also offer detailing services to make the inside of your vehicle look and smell as fresh as the day you got it.